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Fewer women in leadership roles


More women are entering the workforce, but fewer are being promoted to leadership roles, according to a joint report by public policy consulting firm The Quantum Hub.

Based on LinkedIn Economic Graph data, the report finds that women’s representation at the entry-level across India Inc stands at 28.7% in 2024. However, the share of women in senior managerial roles is 18.59%, with the percentage declining progressively higher up the corporate ladder. The highest share of women in leadership roles is found in the education and government administration sectors.

Tuhina Pandey, CMO and Director of Marketing and Communications at IBM India and South Asia, states, “I believe it is important to look beyond giving more seats at the table for women. Representation is important, but full participation, decision-making, and impact on core business will truly usher in the potential of a women-led future.”

How can this challenge be addressed? The report recommends several measures, including flexible work policies, mentorship and networking opportunities, shared parental leave, and a skills-first hiring approach.

How can India Inc promote more women to leadership levels? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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